DFDS to deploy Sunswap cold chain TRU solution

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A London-based company aiming to decarbonise the cold chain has entered into an agreement with DFDS to deploy its Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) technology solution in 2022.

At the core of Sunswap’s product is patent-pending battery technology, with the trailer roof covered with solar panels to provide extra on-board energy (Image: Sunswap)

DFDS, northern Europe’s largest shipping and logistics company, will deploy Sunswap’s zero-emission TRU on UK roads in February 2022. The demonstrator will be used to transport real-world produce for DFDS, so that they can road test a more environmentally friendly alternative for their current fleet. Following a successful deployment DFDS will confirm an agreed pre-order.

Sunswap is a start-up developing electric transport refrigeration technology that utilises energy prediction software, adaptive battery capacity and solar power covering the trailer roof to decarbonise the cold chain.


“We have recently been able to share the independent modelling carried out by…Cenex, that has shown that Sunswap’s battery and solar architecture offers a 100 per cent reduction in air quality emissions compared to a diesel TRU,” said Sunswap CEO Michael Lowe. “Our technology also offers 79-93 per cent global warming impact savings. Depending on the use case, total cost ownership savings after seven years range between 20-50 per cent compared to diesel; making it a more cost-effective alternative for businesses in the cold chain space."

Sunswap estimate there are currently 5.6 million TRUs on the road globally. This is anticipated to rise to eight million units with a market value of £13.4bn by 2030.

Currently transport refrigeration units, commonly used by all major supermarkets and logistics companies, use diesel engines. Due to the energy required to keep produce cold, one TRU diesel engine can produce the same level of emissions as sixty Euro 6 diesel engines.

The deal with Sunswap aligns with DFDS’s corporate social responsibility strategy to invest in sustainable technology that reduces pollution, waste and noise in the communities in which they operate.

“I am confident the deployment with Sunswap will be a success and am looking forward to seeing how their trailer works within our operation,” said Eddie Green, DFDS’s head of Cold Chain UK & Ireland. “We are committed to investing in innovative technologies that support a better climate. If everything goes as planned we are in a position to place an order straightaway.”