Diesels in motion

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General Motors Corporation is to purchase 50 percent of the equity of VM Motori.

General Motors Corporation has reached a joint venture agreement with Penske Corporation to purchase 50 percent of the equity of Italian engine developer VM Motori.

GM announced at the Geneva Motor Show on March 6 that it will jointly develop a new 2.9l V6 (184 nkW/250 hp) turbo diesel engine with the company that is scheduled to launch in the Cadillac CTS in Europe in 2009.

VM Motori plans to build the new engine at its plant in Cento, Italy, and is responsible for the mechanical aspects of the engine’s design, development and testing.

General Motors currently offers 17 diesel engine variants in 45 vehicle lines around the world. The company sells more than one million diesel engines annually, with products from the 1.3l four-cylinder diesel engine sold in the Opel Agila and Corsa, up to the 6.6l V8 Duramax diesel sold in full-size vans, heavy duty pickups and medium duty trucks in the US.