Dreamliner contract for PFW

Boeing has selected Pfalz-Flugzeugwerke (PFW) to provide metallic tubing and ducting for the new 787 Dreamliner.

This agreement includes the design and manufacture of tubes responsible for the fluid supply of the hydraulic systems. The hydraulic systems provide power to the flight control and landing gear systems.

PFW will also design and manufacture tubes responsible for the supply of fuel to the engines and the auxiliary power unit as well as the nitrogen generation system, which ensures an inert atmosphere in the fuel tanks.

In addition PFW, which has operations in Germany, Turkey and the UK, will provide tubes for the integrated cooling system and the power electronics cooling system, providing critical cooling to the 787’s electronic systems.

PFW selected their strategic partner Garner CAD Technic (GCT) to assist with the design of the tubing elements.