Drive for a greener future

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The School of Chemistry at Cardiff university is working with industry to find valuable uses for a major by-product of the renewable fuel source biodiesel.

Biodiesel is an alternative fuel which is helping to reduce dependence on petroleum. One concern regarding its production is what to do with the major by-product, glycerol.

There is a global glut of glycerol as industrialised nations move to substitute fossil fuels with more sustainable alternatives. Glycerol production in the United States already averages more than 350,000 tons per year and in Europe production has tripled within the last ten years. Currently disposal of surplus glycerol is by incineration.

Now researchers in the School of Chemistry working with Vertellus Specialities, a global supplier of chemical specialties, have won a grant to investigate the possibility of converting glycerol to high-added value speciality chemicals.

The £60,000 project, with £40,000 financial support from the Department of Trade and Industry-led Technology Programme will allow the research team, led by Professor Graham Hutchings, School of Chemistry and Brian Tarbit, Vertellus Specialities, to ultimately improve the environmental benefits and economic viability of biodiesel manufacture.