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For the first time ever in the UK, the mass production of corrugated pallets has begun. The result of over four year’s intensive development, the new range of ‘Evolution’ pallets made 100% from recyclable material finally gives customers an extremely cost-effective replacement for wooden pallets.

At a time when the rise in timber prices is pushing up the cost of wooden pallets, this news will come as a relief to many customers who not only want to drive their costs down, but also want to improve their environmental credentials. The new 1000 x 1200 mm pallets will help companies achieve both these objectives.

Relatively inexpensive to buy, Evolution pallets also save money in storage and transport. At just 2.1 kg each, they are much lighter to carry and can be delivered flat, saving up to 80% in fuel costs and CO2 emissions, compared to a lorry load of timber pallets.

Designed to be one-trip, recyclable pallets, the new products are nevertheless very robust and strong with a 400 kg maximum planning weight dependent on the type and shape of load. Once used, recycling of pallets can be turned into an income stream - significant revenue from recycling is possible.

What’s more, these new pallets are cleaner and safer than their timber equivalents. No more nails or splinters to worry about and their cleanliness means they are perfect for carriage of consumables and export (no more pre-treatment, no more steam cleaning either).

DS Smith Packaging’s Adam Anderson, is enthusiastic about customers’ initial response to the launch: “We are receiving many enquiries about the Evolution range which is cheaper, greener and cleaner than alternatives. The key to Evolution’s success is the fact that it provides so many significant benefits in terms of reducing customer’s costs as well as their carbon footprint. We see demand coming from all kinds of industries and we suggest there has never been a better time to review pallets usage and consider this attractive new option.”

For more information please call the Evolution pallet line on 0800 0890987 or send an email to enquiries@dssmith-pallets.com

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