Dubai's Aviterra orders over 100 flying cars

PAL-V has received an investment deal and an order for over 100 of its Liberty flying vehicles from Dubai-based company Aviterra.


Aviterra, an aviation and aerospace component manufacturing company, aim to bring flying cars to the Middle East and Africa through this partnership. 

The company envision that its customers can ‘FlyDrive’ themselves door-to-door in the PAL-V Liberty, or use their services. 

“The PAL-V is the perfect tool for our customers’ regional travel requirements, offering a combination of flying and driving. It’s truly an innovation that will change mobility as we know it,” said Mouhanad Wadaa, managing director of Aviterra, in a statement.  

The Pal-V (personal air and land vehicle) Liberty is the world’s first ‘real flying car,’ according to Netherlands-headquartered PAL-V, due to the working combination of a gyroplane and a car. 

The vehicle has small, fixed wings and a rear propellor to push it forward, which are stored away on the roof and in the back of the vehicle when the vehicle is on the road.  

When in drive mode, the three-wheeled, two-person vehicle can reach a top speed of 100mph and has a land range of 800 miles. As an aircraft, it has a flight range of between 400 – 500km, a maximum speed of around 111mph and can reach an altitude of 11,000 feet. 

PAL-V said it takes just five minutes to transform the Liberty vehicle into an aircraft, and that it requires an airstrip or airfield of at least 200m to take off and land.

"While running a business aviation company, we’ve always kept a close eye on the emerging Advanced Air Mobility industry," said Wadaa. "PAL-V's long-standing presence and adherence to existing regulations allow our customers to safely FlyDrive using existing air and road infrastructure.  

“Furthermore, PAL-V is the only player that combines flying and driving into one vehicle. No other player in the market offers this combination and can realistically deliver the vehicles in the near future." 

As well as ordering over 100 of PAL-V’s Liberty vehicles, Aviterra’s investment arm, Loggia Investment, has established a ‘strategic’ partnership with the aviation company.  

Robert Dingemanse, PAL-V's CEO and founder said: "Aviterra and Mr. Wadaa have vast experience in aviation, understand our certification process, and have an excellent reputation in the business aviation industry. They are a strong partner to support our sales and marketing activities in the Middle East and Africa.”