EADS to join aerospace research effort in Moscow

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EADS has signed an agreement that will see the company participate in the Skolkovo Innovation Centre, a high-technology business hub to be built in the Moscow area.

The memorandum of understanding, signed on Wednesday in Paris, will see the establishment of a centre that will conduct research in the areas of aerospace technology, including telecommunications and navigation, efficient-energy technologies and information technology.

Jean Botti, chief technical officer for EADS, said: ‘Establishing relationships with groups such as Skolkovo is part of EADS’ long-term strategy to build a global integrated research capability to meet the demanding needs of our customers.’

The EADS research centre will be a branch of the Russian Technology Office (RTO), which was established in 2003 as a part of EADS Innovation Works.

Since its opening, the RTO has managed more than 100 co-operative research and technology programmes between EADS and Russian institutions with a focus on advanced engineering tools.

EADS also intends to investigate the possible participation in programmes to support the development of Russian start-up companies with respect to internal regulations, corporate solutions and governance, technical support, security and intellectual-property rights.

Viktor Vekselberg, executive president of the Skolkovo Foundation, said: ‘The partnership with EADS allows us to do a strategic outlook on the space technology cluster that is to be set up at Skolkovo. The Russian United Aircraft Corporation will play a leading role in this project from the Russian side.’