ELGA appointed to market industrial water monitors

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Intellitect Water (Christchurch, UK) has appointed ELGA Process Water to market the Intellisonde™ water quality monitors in the UK and Irish industrial market sectors.

The Intellisonde™ is a small water quality monitor that can be inserted into pressurised pipes to monitor up to 12 parameters. It was originally developed to continuously monitor in-pipe water within drinking water distribution networks. However, Intellitect Water CEO Tony Halker says, "The ability to monitor water quality between the treatment plant and the tap has been a revelation for the water industry, but there is high demand for such a facility within process water, either as a protection from feed water problems or for process monitoring."

The Intellisonde™ records data internally, but with a GPRS option it is able to issue alarms and to be interrogated remotely. This alarm facility will be of great interest to those in a variety of industries for whom water quality is vitally important in process control.

Industries for which the Intellisonde™ is targeted include food and beverage, power, health, automotive, pharmaceutical, aerospace, biotechnology and research. In many of these markets water quality is critically important, so a change in water quality can have serious consequences, such as shutdowns and extra maintenance.

ELGA Process Water is part of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, a subsidiary of Veolia Water. Their Mark Dyson is delighted with the new agreement, adding: "As a total solutions provider of purified water systems with over 30,000 installations in the UK and Ireland, the Intellisonde™ will be a very useful addition to our portfolio of products and services. It will provide existing customers with the opportunity to add greater visibility of water quality to their systems and offer prospective customers with the chance to include the latest monitoring technology in new plant."

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