Elysia promises to realise the full potential of batteries

Automotive OEMs, fleet operators and battery asset financiers could benefit from software and cloud capabilities that maximise the lifetime potential of batteries.


Launched by WAE Technologies, Elysia is a battery intelligence business with solutions developed to realise improvements in the range, life, safety, power, and rapid charging times of any electric vehicle battery and batteries more broadly, including stationary energy storage.

Elysia’s core offering comprises Elysia Embedded, software that is embedded onto the battery. Its BMS algorithms have been designed to help OEMs increase vehicle range, enable faster charging, and maximising battery power.

“The same algorithms that we run on the racetrack, we are now making them available to any other battery manufacturer,” Joe Jones, Elysia commercial lead, said at a recent media roundtable.

According to WAE, Elysia Embedded offers the potential for up to a 30 per cent increase in battery life, 50 per cent increase in battery power output, up to 10 per cent increase in battery range and twice as fast rapid charging times.  

The second core component is the Elysia Cloud Platform, a cloud-based system which uses proprietary digital twin technology to help stakeholders turn data into ‘actionable insights’, enabling them to forecast and extend battery life, ensure safety, and protect warranty and residual values.

Tim Engstrom, manager - Advanced Battery Technologies at WAE, said manufacturers are over engineering batteries ‘because of the unknowns around battery life and reliability’. This results in a bigger battery that makes the car more expensive.

“We need to understand batteries better if we are to achieve sustainable growth in electrification,” he said. “Li-ion batteries have come a long way, there’s huge investment into new chemistries but we think battery management has not kept pace with other areas of development.”

Engstrom continued: “It doesn’t need a huge amount of investment in hardware, even the basic hardware we have on batteries in fleets today could do a lot more than they are in terms of unlocking performance. Elysia Embedded…is about unlocking performance through best-in-class algorithms that run locally in the hardware – the silicon – on the chips that are with the battery.

“Elysia Cloud takes data streamed from the vehicles and brings in the fleet data insight for understanding of lifetime and safety across the battery’s lifecycle.”