Embedded design

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Bristol, UK-based AGP Micro is to release its xState Developer product at the Embedded Systems Conference Boston on the 13th September 2005.

xState Developer is a state machine based graphical programming tool for embedded and real-time system developers that uses a graphical hierarchical state machine notation for the development of event based logic coupled with an ANSI C code generator to provide a graphical programming tool for embedded and real-time system developers.

xState Developer decreases the number of bugs within the software implementation by using a simple hierarchical state machine notation and avoiding the complexity and ambiguities of UML State machines and State charts that can introduce bugs at the design level.

The graphical hierarchical state machine design in xState developer represents a deterministic model of the state machine, allowing the model to be checked for deterministic properties.

A code generator generates ANSI C90 code with MISRA-C: 2004 support in a deterministic manor keeping the deterministic properties of the design model while adding comments to allow trace ability of features from the code to model.

The price per developer for xState Developer will be £550 or $1050 with an optional email and telephone support contract.