Emergesat aids relief work

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A European project has developed a humanitarian tool with a set of communication, location and coordination technologies to help relief workers operate efficiently in disaster zones.

Emergesat, a solution dedicated to supporting rescue teams in case of industrial, natural or terrorist emergencies, was showcased this week at ENSOSP, the French national school for fire-fighters.

Emergesat is a multifunction unit that is easy to transport, configure and use, combining space-based telecommunication, earth observation, location and navigation solutions as well as ground-based radio technologies like Wi-Fi, WiMAX and GSM. It enables emergency personnel to coordinate and efficiently handle international humanitarian relief work in all weather conditions. It also helps evaluate human and logistical needs to coordinate effort and intervention.

Nicole Guedj, former French minister representing the French President, who initiated of the project, said, "This humanitarian crisis management tool will enable, everywhere in the world, reinforcement of the actions of all the organisations who help victims and are committed to saving lives."

Nicole Guedj has also announced the creation of a foundation to create and promote tools and services dedicated to humanitarian actions, such as Emergesat. The foundation will support the humanitarian use of Emergesat, as well as its development, funding and marketing.

Partners in the project include CNES, the French space agency, and Alcatel Alenia Space.