Energy-Saving, Cost-efficient NTC Thermistors

SeMitec’s AP series thermistors save energy and money by accurately controlling temperatures at significantly lower pricing than other precision thermistors.  This enables a wider range of users to create energy-efficient products that provide comfortable environments.


The chief features of the AP range are as follows;


R25 Values                           :  From 2kO to 200kO

Interchangeability                :  ±0.5K from 0°C~70°C (±0.2K over 5°C~40°C)

R25 Tolerance                     :  ±0.5%

B Value Tolerance               :  ±0.5%

Temperature Range        :  -60°C/+150°C


The AP series complements the existing AT-2 series but offers a higher degree of accuracy over an extended temperature range.  The AP series is manufactured using a new ultra-stable manufacturing process and meets the RoHS and WEEE directives.

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