Engine order for Rolls-Royce

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Spain’s Cogen SA/Tortosa Energia has placed an order with Rolls-Royce for two Bergen B35:40V16 medium speed gas engines.

The two engines are to be used at Cogen SA/Tortosa Energia’s co-generation power project that is under construction near Tarragona. According to Rolls-Royce, each engine provides 6.8MW of electrical power in addition to 4.6MW of thermal power.

By exploiting heat energy regained from the cooling system and the exhaust gases, B-gas engines achieve a total efficiency of 93 per cent, with the design configuration and minimal unburned contents in exhaust gases contributing to low emissions.

Rolls-Royce gas engines are said to be ideal for companies that need electricity and heat in their production cycle and where the nature of their production processes cannot risk the fluctuations and interruptions of an energy supply that relies on a national grid.