Engine success extends missile range

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Raytheon announced today that it has successfully demonstrated the engine of Joint Standoff Weapon Extended Range (JSOW ER), a new low-cost extended-range missile.

The engine ground test of JSOW ER successfully evaluated a flush inlet design and overall engine performance and showed that engine performance matched simulation results.

Hamilton Sundstrand manufactures the JSOW ER 150-pound thrust engine that Raytheon says will significantly increase the range of the glide weapon.

Continued prototype design and testing will continue in 2007. A free flight is planned in 2008 with the potential for production in 2011.

‘The objective of the JSOW ER program is to provide United States and international warfighters with a low-cost, extended-range missile,’ said Harry Schulte, vice president of Strike Weapons at Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson. ‘We plan to offer the warfighter a 300 nautical mile weapon with a price goal of $350,000, far less expensive than similar capability weapons currently in the warfighter's inventory.’

According to Raytheon, JSOW ER will enable additional mission areas than possible with the current Joint Standoff Weapon range of up to 70 nautical miles, and additional payload options will also be considered with JSOW ER.