EPS granted software license

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Edinburgh Petroleum Services (EPS) has been granted a license to use Imperial Innovations Group’s Deconvolution algorithm software.

The software, developed by Imperial College’s Professor Alain Gringarten and Dr Thomas von Schroeter, will be used by EPS, a Weatherford International subsidiary, for data analysis and interpretation.

Software containing complex mathematical algorithms is used extensively by the oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) industry to analyse data and results gathered from tests on appraisal oil wells.

Recent improvements in well test efficiency to minimise the amount of oil that is burnt off during the test process have altered test output data.

This has created a need for new data analysis techniques. The Deconvolution algorithm software is said to provide a key answer to this need.

EPS will use the Deconvolution algorithm software as part of its EPS PanSystem software package, a product used in the E&P industry for analysing the results of well testing.

‘We wanted to get the best deconvolution algorithm both for PanSystem clients and to analyse data from our optical pressure, temperature and flow sensors,’ said Laurence Ormerod, VP Solutions Architecture for Weatherford. ‘It was clear to us that Imperial had the right expertise for our needs.’