Faster pulse

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Agilent Technologies

today announced what it claims is the industry's fastest serial pulse data generator, with stimulus capability up to 13.5GHz. The Agilent 81142A reportedly enables reliable physical layer measurements for new, high-speed serial bus designs and for scientists conducting fundamental lab research.

Next-generation computing and communications applications, such as video-on-demand, are driving the need for transferring large amounts of data at ever-increasing transmission rates. Obtaining a high-quality characterisation of electronic component performance is a key step in designing reliable, high-performance systems. In addition, researchers are now designing next-generation electrical components to operate at speeds of 10GHz or more, a speed at which optical components are commonly used today.

Agilent says an accurate high-speed signal stimulus is crucial to ensuring signal integrity at these speeds. The Agilent 81142A allows engineers for the first time to conduct reliable, accurate physical layer tests by providing high-precision, low-jitter signals along with full control of data streams for performance and characterisation testing.

"Accelerated development cycles make proprietary test solutions less suitable," said Siegfried Gross, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Digital Verification Solutions division. "Standard test instruments that do not compromise on signal quality, timing accuracy or programmatic control give the engineer a jump-start in high-quality characterisation of new devices and systems. The combination of multiple data formats with sequencing, flexible triggering capability, and 13.5GHz performance is unique in the market."

Other features of the 81142A include: data formats RZ, R1 and NRZ, with flexible parameters and fast transition times for high-quality waveforms and eye diagram measurements; flexible and programmable pattern and sequence generation for the entire range of digital high-speed serial buses; and linear delay modulation up to 1GHz for jitter-tolerance testing.

The Agilent 81142A 13.5GHz serial pulse data generator is available with shipments expected next month.