Coventry-based energy company E.ON has installed the first turbine at the Robin Rigg offshore wind farm as part of the company’s multibillion pound UK investment programme.

When complete, the wind farm in Solway Firth will consist of 60 turbines and provide enough energy to power around 120,000 homes.

According to E.ON, the wind farm will displace the emission of 235,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year and is set to be one of the UK’s largest renewable schemes.

E.ON’s investment plans in the UK also involve the production of a large gas-fired CHP power station (1,350MW) on the Isle of Grain and the application to build a 1,600MW cleaner coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth.

Further projects include early-stage work on the 1,200MW Drakelow combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) in Derbyshire and submitting an application to build the 300MW £700m Humber Gateway offshore wind farm.