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Flexible spring shafts suitable for the transmission of rotational motion are now available from mechanical drives specialist, Rino Industries Ltd of Chesterfield.


They are particularly characterised by their flexibility, remarkable strength and exceptional endurance, the company states.  They can operate continuously under high speeds and their shock-damping properties are excellent.


There are a wide variety of typical applications, these include remote control instruments, transmission of rotational mechanical power, shaft connection and control of overhead parts.  They can be used in both left and right hand rotations, and it is advisable to choose a left hand shaft to turn clockwise and a right hand shaft to turn counter-clockwise.  Right hand shafts are available as standard.


The drive shafts are usually protected by a flexible steel sheathing and have couplings on either end according to customer’s requirements.  They are available in lengths up to 5000mm, but most are between 500-1500mm as standard.

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