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Form-in-place (FIP) gaskets have been part of the mainstream enclosure industry for many years but the cost and physical size of robotic application has been a major constraint for SMEs – until now. Those clever people at Intertronics have focused on bench-top robotics and matched compliant gasket materials to provide low cost equipment to suit boxes or housings from 200mm x 150mm, e.g. junction boxes, terminal boxes, control boxes, electronic housings, small mechanical gearboxes or other. They have dramatically cut entry cost to around £4,000 on the smallest – with larger equipment running right up to 800mm x 600mm machines.

FIP gaskets are a recognised, well proven, low cost and high speed cure alternative to manually applied O rings or expensive, complex pre-moulded gasket. However, FIP is a process that is impossible to achieve successfully by hand, but very successfully achieved, cost effectively, even for small numbers, with an I&J Fisnar bench-top robot ( which has the flexibility to program quickly, save programs and change set-up at the push of a button. Matched by Intertronics with RTV silicones from ACC Silicones and light-curing gasket materials from DYMAX, this equipment enables complex 2D and 3D gasket shapes to be dispensed at high speed and with 100% repeatable accuracy. Fast cure FIP gaskets eliminate many manual and “waiting” processes of other systems, as well as the high investment and stocking costs of pre-moulded injected gaskets. FIP gaskets offer design and production flexibility as well as very high quality sealing – they are now also cost effective for small batches, prototypes and even one-offs. Further information regarding Intertronics’ products can be found at

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