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Experts in injection moulding, Rutland Plastics of Oakham, are offering a free monthly email newsletter. “We at Rutland Plastics are frequently asked questions about different materials and applications and whether or not injection moulding is right for their requirements.” Commented Stuart Lovett, Marketing Manager. “Whilst there are several books on the market the majority of people do not have the time to read them. It is hoped that this newsletter with its monthly guide to different materials and common injection moulding applications will answer some of the most frequently asked questions.” The newsletter covers a different plastic material group each month outlining its general performance along with possible uses. Application features can include subjects, such as Gas Assisted Moulding, or application guides, for example gears. In addition there is a Rutland Plastics’ news item each month. An archive of past articles is available on the Rutland Plastics’ website. “We work in partnership with our customers, pooling experience and using our CAD system, to optimise designs for their cost-effective production,” added Stuart. “Hopefully, this newsletter will help them in their understanding of injection moulding.” Rutland Plastics can produce injection mouldings up to a weight of 38kgs and the company is particularly proud of its expertise in thick section mouldings, which can be in excess of 100mm. This brings the economic advantage of the injection moulding process to many products traditionally made by other methods. The company offers a full service from design through to multi-component assembly as well as specialist services such as Gas Assisted Injection Moulding.

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