Ayrshire Power has submitted a planning application to the Scottish Government to develop a multi-fuel power station with Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology at Hunterston, North Ayrshire.

The application has been lodged with the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit and has now entered a ’gate-checking’ process, which will allow the Scottish Government, in consultation with statutory consultees, to assess the application to ensure it contains all the information for a full assessment of the proposals to be made.

Once past the gate-checking process, the application will be formally accepted by the Scottish Government and a public consultation period will begin.

The proposed development, located on a site between the existing Clydeport coal-handling facility at the Hunterston Terminal and Hunterston B nuclear power plant, would burn both coal and biomass. CCS technology would enable 90 per cent of the carbon dioxide produced by the plant to be captured.

If approved, it is estimated that the facility could create a significant number of jobs in North Ayrshire, employing up to 1,600 people at the peak of construction and approximately 160 on an ongoing basis once the site is up and running.

Muir Miller, project director, said: ’Having consulted widely on our plans at Hunterston over the last 18 months and taken on board recent energy-policy changes, we are pleased to be able to now submit our plans to the Scottish Government. Once they have proceeded through the gate-checking process, we look forward to a further comprehensive public consultation exercise facilitated by the Scottish Government.’