GE signs support contract

GE Energy has signed an agreement with RWE npower Cogen to provide maintenance and support to GE gas turbines operating at four industrial power plants in England.

The agreement covers five GE Frame 6B gas turbines and one GE Frame 9E gas turbine, ranging in output from 40 to 120 megawatts. All of the gas turbines are connected to heat recovery steam generators, with steam and electricity provided to the host industrial facilities.

The gas turbines are located at Exxon Mobil’s Fawley Refinery in Southampton, the Aylesford Paper facility in Aylesford, Kent, the Bridgewater Paper plant in Bridgewater, Warrington and a Phillips Petroleum and BASF facility in Seal Sands, Middlesborough.

The GE agreement includes scheduled maintenance, with a mechanism for managing unscheduled events and includes management of spare gas turbine replacement parts and part repairs as required.