Siemens is to supply the Long Lake Project in Canada with a $60m Zimpro wet air oxidation system to treat the soot waste stream from an oil sands upgrading operation.

The Water Technologies division of Siemens Group Industrial Solutions and Services (I&S) will supply the system, designed to destroy soot generated during the production of syngas. It aims to reduce costs associated with landfill disposal and waste.

The Long Lake project is a “next generation” oil sands development that integrates established and proprietary technologies and is expected to produce 58,500 barrels of crude oil a day. By adding the Zimpro wet air oxidation unit to the gasification process, soot volume will be reduced to about 10 per cent of its original volume, substantially reducing the amount of material to be disposed. It also allows the recovery of valuable materials present in the soot, like nickel and vanadium.

The Long Lake project is currently under construction, with the production of synthetic crude due to begin in mid-2007. Construction of the Zimpro wet air oxidation system will begin near the end of the current Long Lake construction, with start-up expected by the end of 2007.