Government’s Mission Control sets 2030 target for cheaper and cleaner power

The new ‘Mission Driven’ Labour government has launched ‘Mission Control’, an entity designed to accelerate cheaper and clean power to Britain by 2030.

The new Labour administration is committed to doubling onshore wind energy by 2030
The new Labour administration is committed to doubling onshore wind energy by 2030 - AdobeStock

Led by Chris Stark, former chief executive of the Climate Change Committee, and former director of Energy and Climate Change in the Scottish Government, Mission Control will focus on four areas, namely setting and tracking the overall approach to delivering 2030 across the energy system; real time monitoring of progress on UK infrastructure projects critical to 2030; acting as an innovation centre by encouraging discussion among experts; and serving as a convener for the Mission Control approach across government and with industry.

“Tackling the climate crisis and accelerating the transition to clean power is the country’s biggest challenge, and its greatest opportunity,” Stark said in a statement. “By taking action now, we can put the UK at the forefront of the global race to net zero – driving down our carbon emissions but also cutting bills for households.” 

Mission Control will work with energy companies and organisations including Ofgem, the National Grid and the Electricity System Operator to remove obstacles to progress and identify and resolve issues as they arise. This is expected to speed up the connection of new power infrastructure to the grid, and deliver cleaner, cheaper power to people’s homes and businesses.  

Energy Security and Net Zero Secretary Ed Miliband said: “Years of underinvestment has left our country suffering energy insecurity, with working people paying the price through their energy bills and a cost-of-living crisis.      

“That cannot happen again. This new Mission Control centre, benefitting from the expertise and experience of Chris Stark’s leadership – and bringing together the brightest and best in the national interest – will have a laser-like focus on delivering our mission of clean power by 2030.  

“Making Britain a clean energy superpower will not only keep bills down, it will also create hundreds of thousands of good jobs, while protecting national security by keeping dictators out of our energy markets. And, of course, it will allow us to play a leading role in tackling the climate crisis.”

To achieve clean power by 2030, Miliband has also asked the Electricity System Operator to provide advice on the pathway towards the 2030 ambition, with analysis of the location and type of new investment and infrastructure needed to deliver it.

Commenting John Pettigrew, CEO of National Grid said: “Accelerating the decarbonisation of the UK’s energy system is critical to bring bills down in the long term, create new jobs and unlock economic growth across the country.

“Innovation, collaboration and urgency are key to achieving this, and we’re looking forward to working closely with government, Ofgem and industry stakeholders as part of the government’s Mission Control.”