Grant Instruments goes bespoke

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Grant Instruments, a supplier of scientific instruments, has launched a bespoke business to make scientific and industrial products designed to customers’ requirements. The new business will concentrate on the thermodynamics, data acquisition, analysis and communications equipment markets.

Paul Pergande, head of Grant Technologies, said, “We have established this business in response to the increasing demand from companies for fast-turnaround custom-built solutions.“

Grant Technologies specialises in the design and manufacture of equipment for accurately controlling temperature in industrial processes in the range -100°C to +450°C. It also makes apparatus for sample handling and preparation, material testing and quality control in the production environment, medical analysis and diagnostic processes, and chemical and pharmaceutical evaluation. Target markets include, among others, life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, automotive, industrial, oil and petrochemicals, scientific, military and environmental testing.

“We come to market with an excellent track record having already successfully developed hundreds of ‘specials’ for customers over recent years,” said Pergande. “Our clients are from a diverse range of industry sectors and include companies such as Leica, Thales, Kew Gardens, Xennia, ALcontrol Laboratories, Whatman Biometra, Stanhope Seta, Schleicher and Schuell and many others.”