GT Air Intake Filtration & Acoustic Systems for Offshore Asia

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Contracts, worth over US$5 million, have been secured for the supply of air filtration and acoustic systems by one of the world’s leading providers of ancillary equipment for industrial gas turbines. The Power & Industrial Division of AAF, a subsidiary of AAF International, has been selected by a leading gas turbine builder to design, manufacture and supply ancillary systems for 11 gas turbines at three offshore locations in Asia.

 Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery of Lincoln, England has awarded the company three contracts, one for 2 systems at the Gunashi field in Azerbaijan and the other two for 9 similar systems on ONGC platforms near Mumbai, India. The specification for all the projects, which will employ SGT-400 machines, includes AAF air intake filters, turbine acoustic enclosure and ventilation systems, together with inlet and exhaust silencers.

A feature of the 2-stage air intake system is the AAF HydroCell 95 air filter, which has been specially developed for offshore applications. This leading product has achieved a reputation for providing clean air to gas turbines operating in the hostile environment prevailing on offshore applications.

“Current operators of this filter system have found that the increased cleanliness levels have led to reduced maintenance cost and improved turbine efficiency and output” added Dave Carroll, sales director for original equipment.

The design, project management and manufacture will be undertaken at AAF’s UK offices and plant near Newcastle-upon-Tyne.











The AAF HydroCell 95 air filter, which features in the 2-stage air intake filtration and acoustic systems ordered by Siemens Industrial Turtbomachinery for three offshore contracts inAsia. This product, which was specially developed for offshore applications, has achieved a reputation for providing clean air to gas turbines operating in this hostile environment.



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