Hand gel and cleaning products are effective against Swine Flu

1 min read

Abbeychart has announced that its Bioguard hand gel, disinfectant solutions and moist impregnated wipes can help protect staff and customers from Swine Flu, having been independently approved by a government body as effective against a wide range of micro-organisms and other viruses including Swine Flu Virus H1N1, MRSA, Tuberculosis, HIV Listeria and E-Coli.

The hand gel contains boosted alcohol levels to ensure superior staff hygiene without water or drying anywhere in vending and catering services.   For ease of use and to ensure regular use, a clip and reel that hangs from a top pocket and automatically dispenses gel to the hands is available, along with pump action bottles and a wall dispenser taking handy refill cartridges.

A food-safe disinfectant cleaning solution that is a non-tainting and non-irritant is ideal for exceptional cleansing in drink or food vending, kitchens, catering services and on any other hard surfaces. It is offered in spray bottles for fast and easy application or as a diluted or concentrated liquid.

Highly convenient moist wipes impregnated with the equally safe but effective cleaning solution can be used on machines and equipment, surface areas and for instant hand cleaning.  They come in handy plastic tubs or individually wrapped and are also ideal for sanitising telephones, keyboards and office areas.

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