High-tech pen

1 min read

Imagine being able to communicate in your own handwriting with your mobile phone, PDA, laptop or PC without any cables.

The VPen allows you to do just that. It looks like a space age pen, but works like a mouse, pen, keyboard or graphic tablet.

Developed by partners in the IST programme-funded VIPDATA project, VPen is wireless, yet features a talk and standby time of several days. About the size of a slim highlighter pen, it connects to numerous hosts using Bluetooth.

“Instead of clumsily entering SMS or other text through the tiny key pad of the GSM, or scribbling into your PDA, VPen allows users to write naturally on any type of surface,” explains project partner Alberto Zanettin of Philips Consumer Electronics. “The device uses handwriting recognition software that processes characters written in many languages.”

Zanettin says VPen’s potential is “real”, but the product is not yet ready to launch. VIPDATA project partners are still ironing out the final technical difficulties.