Honeywell to develop “green” turbofan

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Honeywell has announced that it is exploring the development of a fuel-efficient 10,000 pound turbofan engine for Super Medium to Large business jets.

The engine would use Honeywell’s HTF7000 engine as a baseline and incorporate technologies that would improve performance and durability while providing low development risk.

Honeywell said that it intends to incorporate next generation technologies for improved fuel efficiency and a new forward swept fan that reduces noise.

‘We believe a new engine in this thrust range will be more reliable, “greener”, and meet Stage 3 -30 EPNdB noise requirements and Class 5 emission standards,’ said Bob Smith, Vice President, Advanced Technology, Honeywell Aerospace. ‘By incorporating novel acoustic treatments and advanced nozzles, this engine could easily meet current and future requirements necessary for greener environment.’

‘We would incorporate various technologies that would allow us to increase operating pressure and temperature levels, giving the engine improved fuel efficiency and power to weight ratio while still allowing us to achieve improved noise and emission capabilities and durability,’ said Ron J. Rich, Director Advanced Mechanical Technologies, Honeywell Aerospace.