IBM gets RFID talking

1 min read

IBM and T3Ci have successfully completed interoperability testing of the new standard for communicating RFID (radio frequency identification) information.

The two companies co-chair the EPCglobal EPCIS Working Group, which aims to create common interfaces among RFID software. Agreement on a standard will allow organisations to exchange and leverage RFID data regardless of the applications in which data is created or stored. The successful test is the first phase in delivering interoperability based on the Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) for exchange and query of RFID data.

Retailers already can provide manufacturers and suppliers with large amounts of data about RFID-tagged products. However, until now there has been no simple, standardised way for them to extract useful information from the raw data that could improve product introductions, promotions and distribution of new products. The new standard aims to change that by creating new business value from RFID data and allowing companies and their entire supply chain to exchange near real-time RFID data.

Unilever North America, a global manufacturer of foods, home care and personal care products, said it will test use of the EPCIS standard.