Illegible bar codes no longer a problem

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Damaged and partially covered bar codes are a serious problem and can cause delay in automated processes. To help solve the problem, SICK UK is pleased to present the CLV620 series, a new generation of bar code scanners with superb reading and network performance. In addition, the innovative SMART620 bar code identification software detects poorly readable bar codes rapidly and reliably.

Developed in conjunction with customers in a variety of industries, the CLV620 product family has a scanning frequency of up to 1,200Hz, allowing increased process speeds and integrated Ethernet capability to allow networked operation without the need for additional gateways. The installation and commissioning time that this saves is considerable. A Connection Assistant also helps to provide rapid network access. Sort and filter functions ensure that the data is transmitted to the controller in the desired format and the optional fieldbus gateways CMF400 and CDF600 provide easy connection to PROFIBUS and DeviceNet networks.

CAN-bus communications allow each scanner to be used as a multiplexer and SICK’s own Open Portal for Applications and Systems (SOPAS) software provides a platform for the management for all new SICK devices. The scanner’s read diagrams can also be loaded and displayed in SOPAS and several SICK devices can be configured and administrated with a single SOPAS project setting.

An event monitor permits the rapid analysis of the scanner’s inputs and outputs and the effects of parameter changes are immediately visible via a diagnosis monitor. The practical pivoting plug-in unit allows the CLV620 product family to be installed and connected even in apparently impossible locations, allowing easier network construction, more rapid plug connection and flexible mounting.

Some typical applications serve to demonstrate the power of these new devices. In pharmaceuticals and clinical analysis for example, the CLV620 product family can optimise applications with test tubes in carousels and racks. They ensure more efficient pre-sorting of samples and make sure that the codes pharmaceutical packages are read more quickly and reliably.

In handling and warehousing systems, logistic workflows challenges are many and varied, and include long reading distances, rapidly moving conveyor belts, varying package sizes and damaged bar codes. The new CLV620 product family addresses all these issues.

Bar codes in the electronics industry can be particularly challenging, but the CLV620 product family’s rapid ‘perceptive faculty’ and outstanding depth of focus takes them in its stride.

Bar codes and bar code readers have transformed industry but reading problems can occur when codes are badly printed or of low contrast. The new SICK CLV620 series is set to become a major tool in the engineer’s armoury for overcoming these difficulties.

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