Inhaler offers powder power

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A dry powder inhaler (DPI) claimed to deliver doses in an easier and safer way has been unveiled by Valois Pharma.

Using breath actuation to deliver medicine, the Prohaler works in three simple steps: open, breathe-in and close, making the device more intuitive to use.

The inhaler also uses a novel powder-dispersion technology, enabling high lung-deposition even without the use of the propellants used in pressurised metered-dose inhalers.

The device was created with the intention of making it as user-friendly as possible, while still being safe to use. Medicine is stored in individual blisters and a dose counter is included so the patient knows how many doses remain.

Valois says the inhaler is ideal for asthma sufferers and those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. These diseases generated $20bn in global drug sales in 2006 and are expected to generate $35bn by 2011.

'This drug-delivery device offers genuine benefits to the user,' said Valois Pharma's Guillaume Brouet.

'The device is designed to meet the safety and comfort of patients, and satisfy medical professionals' recommendations and regulatory bodies' requirements,' he added.

User-friendly: the DPI