Intelligent data acquisition

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National Instruments has released seven new R Series devices and five CompactRIO modules for embedded digital signal processing and high-speed control.

The new NI R Series devices feature a denser 3 million-gate FPGA chip, 40 MHz digital I/O (DIO) rates, 200 kHz analog input rates and 1 MHz analog output rates. The new R Series plug-in devices include:

· NI PXI/PCI-7833R: 3M gate multifunction DAQ devices (8 AI, 8 AO and 96 DIO channels)
· NI PXI/PCI-7813R: 3M gate digital only DAQ devices (160 DIO channels)
· NI PXI/PCI-7830R: 1M gate multifunction DAQ devices (4 AI, 4 AO and 56 DIO channels)
· NI PCI-7811R: 1M gate digital only DAQ device (160 DIO channels).

The three additional new CompactRIO modules include:

· NI 9401: 8-channel, ultrahigh-speed bidirectional TTL digital I/O module with 100 ns I/O delay time
· NI 9476: 32-channel, industrial digital output module with 500 µs I/O delay time
· NI 9265: 4-channel, 16-bit simultaneous current output module with 100 kS/s update rate

With the new NI 9476 module, engineers can control 24 V actuators with up to 8 A of current drive per module. Two of the new CompactRIO modules feature new D-Sub connector options for the industrial NI 9221 and NI 9201 analog input modules, offering low-cost cabling options for high-volume OEM applications.

Engineers and scientists can use the new devices to create their own data acquisition and control circuitry through National Instruments LabVIEW graphical development tools.