Kibosh for KBT copy

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Motorola has reached agreement in a lawsuit filed in January against Korean manufacturer KBT Mobile Company for infringements of patents, trademarks and designs for the Motorola RAZR mobile phone.

With the settlement, KBT has agreed to discontinue all manufacturing and sales of models that look like the RAZR. Motorola had filed the lawsuit upon learning of KBT's attempts to sell RAZR look-alikes in Asia.

Motorola launched an investigation after the company began receiving inquiries about Motorola RAZR look-alikes available in Asia. Specifically, customers were asking Motorola about a RAZR look-alike, which KBT called the V500 and was marketing in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

As a result of the settlement, KBT has agreed to cease the manufacture, sale, offer to sell, export, and/or display any RAZR-like products.

Additionally, KBT will not enable other companies to manufacture a RAZR-like product, and has committed to stop using Motorola patents and trademarks.