Lasersight low cost hand-held thermometer device

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A hand-held, infra-red temperature measurement device has been developed that enables engineers to measure the surface temperature of objects down to 1mm in size. The unit is accurate to ±0.75% and so provides plant engineers, maintenance technicians and field and service engineers with an attractive lower cost alternative to using thermal cameras.

The optical resolution of the LaserSight’ device is 75:1, therefore users can measure smaller targets that are further away. Most competing products on the market only use an 8:1 ratio.

The 75:1 resolution is achieved by a world-wide patented laser sighting with special, narrow beam aiming. The new laser crosshairs sighting system supports precise temperature measurements at any distance. The crosshairs exactly mark a measuring spot in its real size of 16mm at a distance of 1.2m.

The measuring range of the device is from –35°C up to 900°C. The unit also benefits from a slimline, ergonomic design and is no larger or heavier than a standard TV remote control device, and so fits neatly into an engineer’s pocket.

A switch helps shift into a ‘close focus’ mode: two single laser beams cross each other at the smallest measuring spot and an integrated position sensor flips the LCD display into the most convenient viewing position, so the LaserSight can be used in vertical or horizontal measuring mode.

A USB interface and graphics and reporting software with oscilloscope functionality helps to process and record up to 20 measurements per second. The device comes with a tripod mounting, a type K thermocouple, a padded soft pouch and carrying case.

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