Last week's poll: do engineers complain too much about pay?

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Engineer readers see themselves as underpaid but stoical about it, according to our latest poll

We've rarely had such an emphatic response to a poll. Of the 591 readers who responded, two-thirds picked the option that engineers did not complain too much about pay and were not paid enough. Unfortunately, we can't separate out whether respondents were agreeing with both parts of the statement or only one. Of the remaining respondents, 15 per cent thought that engineering salaries were good, 11 per cent agreed that complaining about pay levels was counterproductive, and only 4 per cent thought that an interesting and worthwhile job was an ample reward. Another four percent declined to pick an option.


Please continue to let us know your opinions on this subject, and if you have not, take a moment to complete our 2016 salary survey so that we can compile an accurate picture of engineering salaries in the various sectors and regions of the UK industry.