Last week's poll: Public or private rail?

A majority of Engineer readers think that Britain's railways should be renationalised.

While it would probably be wrong to characterise this publication's readership as left-wing, there's one tenet of Socialist thought that certainly seems to strike a chord, and that's nationalisation of infrastructure. The last time we asked about public ownership of the energy sector, the results came out in favour, and now we're seeing a similar result from our poll of rail ownership. From 571 respondents, a clear majority - 54 per cent - said that the whole rail sector should be in public hands, while the next largest group, a quarter, said that the rail infrastructure should be nationalised (the option that corresponds to the status quo). Ten per cent wanted the whole sector in private hands (which historically has not worked), while 7 per cent were happy with the private sector being involved, but not if the companies in question were not British-owned. The smallest group, 1 per cent, thought rail services only should be nationalised, while 3 per cent declined to pick an option.

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