Latest Huntsman SMP Used for Development Model on New Sailing Boat

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El-Bo Produktion in Denmark first to use RenPaste® 4666 on marine scale model

El-Bo Produktion is Denmark’s leading composite mould, industrial model and sandwich panel manufacturers with particular expertise in the marine, wind energy and automotive industries.

For many years, El-Bo Produktion has worked closely with Huntsman Advanced Materials on seamless modelling pastes suitable for a range of applications, including the very particular demands of the marine modelling industry.

This has resulted in a range of cost-effective epoxy SMPs, including those suitable for fast extrusion via CNC machines for the rapid production of large models and plugs – up to 36m in length, as well as a high temperature SMP with a heat deflection capacity of up to 200oC for high temperature resistant tools.

Now, the most recent addition to the RenPaste® SMP range, RenPaste® 4666 has been used by
El-Bo Produktion for the concept scale model of a new 12m (40ft) sailing boat.

El-Bo Produktion worked from CAD data and used their computer controlled CNC cutting facility to produce a 1:12 scale model of the boat’s substructure from a block of lightweight expanded polyurethane foam.

RenPaste® 4666 modelling paste was then applied by machine using computer controlled extrusion technology in a 20mm layer over the foam substructure.  Once cured at room temperature, the paste model was then milled back to 8mm using a 5-axis CNC milling machine to give a final smooth surface finish.

The model was then field tested, prior to full customer approval.

“We use RenPaste® materials for a range of applications from small scale models like this to full size parts for automotive, marine and wing energy applications,” said Bo Vinter Poulson, Managing Director at El-Bo Produktion.  “Each paste is able to provide just the right set of characteristics to meet our requirements. The new RenPaste® 4666 proved ideal for this marine concept model as it offers good temperature resistance, is durable enough for repeated demoulding and gives a high quality finish, so the model can be used for customer approval.

“RenPaste® materials generally are also easy to handle and machine, and help keep milling waste to a minimum.”

RenPaste® 4666 – unique variable rheology SMP

RenPaste® 4666 has been designed specifically to utilise the most modern automated rapid manufacturing systems, such as those used at El-Bo Produktion, while still being suitable for hand application as well.

This has been achieved through a unique chemical thixotrophy developed by Huntsman that enables the user to alter the SMP rheology by simply changing the mixing parameters.

This Programmable Paste Rheology or PPR changes the SMP’s characteristics from a fluid that can be applied to a depth of 10mm to a viscous material capable of up to 40mm thick application.

The user can select the paste rheology required for individual jobs – from high speed automated application to thick hand application.  For easy, rapid assessment of the mix quality, there are different component and mixed paste colours. 

Whichever application method is used the high quality results reduce the need for additional repairs or re-working of the model and the fine surface quality reduces any further finishing time.  RenPaste® 4666 also exhibits excellent dimensional stability and low shrinkage on precision models.

In addition to its unique variable viscosity, RenPaste® 4666 offers excellent adhesion to polystyrene, often used as a lightweight and cost-effective substrate for SMP models.  It cures rapidly at room temperatures and is heat resistance up to 80oC after a suitable post cure.

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