Lemoptix developers create pocket-sized projector

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Engineers at Lausanne, Switzerland-based Lemoptix, a spin-off from EPFL, have developed a miniature projector that can be integrated in a portable computer or mobile telephone.

Smaller than a credit card and with a projection head of just 1cm3 in size, its developers claim that the device can enable documents and videos to be projected onto a wall in the same way as current fixed projectors.

They also claim that the projector - which uses micro electro-mechanical mirrors less than a millimetre thick that reflect red, blue and green laser beams - uses less power than the matrix- or LED-based technology currently available on the market.

This pocket projector works at a minimum distance of 50cm and enables the projection of images onto a surface equivalent to a 15in screen.

The projector should be available in 2011 for industrial applications and then the following year for consumer electronics, according to Nicolas Abelé, technical director of the start-up, which is located in the EPFL Science Park.

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