Lockheed leads $4bn Orion mission

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NASA has selected Lockheed Martin and industry partners to design and build Orion, the next-generation human space flight crew transportation system, in a contract worth approximately $4bn.


has selected the

Lockheed Martin

team to design and build the agency’s next-generation human space flight crew transportation system known as Orion, with an initial contract value of approximately $4bn.

Orion, an advanced crew capsule design, is a key element of NASA’s Vision for Space Exploration, and will succeed the Space Shuttle in transporting a new generation of human explorers to and from the International Space Station, the Moon, and eventually to Mars and beyond.

In partnership with NASA, Lockheed Martin will serve as prime contractor and will lead an industry team that includes Honeywell, Orbital Sciences Corporation, United Space Alliance and Hamilton Sundstrand, supporting NASA in the design, test, build, integration and operational capability of Orion.

Orion will transport up to six crew members to and from the International Space Station, and up to four crew members for lunar missions. The new crew vehicle is designed to be an order of magnitude safer, more reliable, more affordable and more operationally efficient than previous human space flight systems.

The Lockheed Martin Orion program office is located in Houston, Texas, co-located with NASA’s Johnson Space Center, providing support in the areas of program management, requirements development, software development, avionics, human factors, and system qualification testing.

Large structures and composites will be built at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, Louisiana. Final assembly, checkout and acceptance testing of Orion for both the Crew Module and Service Module will be performed in the Operations and Checkout (O&C) facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.