Lockheed opens Farnborough lab

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Lockheed Martin has this week opened a reconfigurable experimentation facility in Farnborough, Hampshire.

Called ‘Swift’, the new laboratory is designed for Lockheed and its civil and military customers to create new solutions to military threats using network enabled capabilities (NEC). Located in the Farnborough Aerospace Centre, the lab allows Lockheed to run detailed and realistic programme analysis in a network-enabled environment.

The laboratory allows for detailed programme simulation and technology insertion, which accelerates prototyping and reduces risk. Through analysis and collaborative experimentation, it will develop transformational capabilities in areas such as multi-intelligence information fusion, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), mission management, situational awareness and battlefield visualisation.

The facility brings together a combination of NEC technologies through its links with similar facilities in the UK and the USA. These capabilities enable the development of solutions for current programmes and support groundbreaking future projects.

“We’re excited by the opportunity to enhance cross-Atlantic collaboration as we apply the breadth of Lockheed Martin’s technical competencies, processes and domain expertise to address our customers’ significant challenges,” said Stan Sloane, Lockheed Martin Executive Vice President for Integrated Systems & Solutions (IS&S). “Swift also represents a key step in IS&S’ strategy of expanding our business in the UK and other international markets.”