Luxury commuter car

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Aston Martin is developing a luxury concept car based on the Toyota iQ, the world’s smallest four-seater vehicle.

The new Cygnet car would combine Aston Martin’s luxury design and the Toyota iQ’s compact and environmentally friendly package.

Tadashi Arashima, chief executive and president of Toyota Motor Europe, said the Toyota iQ was handpicked by Aston Martin to use as a basis for the new commuter car design.

‘This collaboration represents a natural pairing of strategies: a small yet spacious package, perfect for the city driver, finished off with Aston Martin’s iconic design language,’ he said. ‘The Cygnet is a good choice for the Aston Martin owner looking for that second or third car, which is luxurious and eco-conscious.’

Ulrich Bez, the chief executive of Aston Martin, said the company has yet to finish working out the full details of the luxury commuter concept.

‘Much work is still required, but I am confident that this project could become reality in the not too distant future,’ he added. ‘This concept - akin to an exclusive tender to a luxury yacht - will allow us to apply Aston Martin design language, craftsmanship and brand values to a completely new segment of the market.’

The Toyota iQ, which made its UK commercial debut in 2009, is less than three metres in length and can accommodate up to four people. The car contains features such as a flat under-floor fuel tank and asymmetric dashboard. Toyota claims the iQ’s CO2 emissions start as low as 99g/km. The car’s passive and active safety equipment has earned the vehicle a Euro NCAP five-star rating.

Since the Toyota iQ entered the European market in January 2009, more than 25,000 units have been sold to date.