Magnetically coded, non-contact interlock switches fit the space

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The new Allen-Bradley® Guardmaster® MC1 and MC2 non-contact interlock switches incorporate several magnetically sensitive elements, which must be triggered in a particular sequence to operate correctly.

With the increasing speed and complexity of applications and the requirements to safeguard machinery, simple magnetic interlock switches may be insufficient to interlock guard doors. The magnetically coded feature present in the MC1 and MC2 reduces the possibility of operator bypass, increasing the integrity of the system.

The MC1 is available with 2 N.C. (normally closed) safety outputs and come in an IP67-rated housing. The MC2 is available with 2 N.C. solid state outputs and 1 PNP auxiliary output. The housing of the MC2 is rated to IP69K and also features a switch mounted LED for switch status indication. Both units also offer a generous tolerance to misalignment between the actuator and switch for reliable operation.

The MC1 and MC2 with their moulded-in brackets and diminutive size are extremely versatile and simpler to install. For high-risk applications a control unit is used with a single sensor to give a high-integrity system. For other applications deemed to be a lower risk as identified by a risk assessment, multiple sensors (including mechanical switches) can be connected to one control unit.

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