Making magnetic devices more attractive

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Honeywell has announced that it has developed a magnetic hybrid sensor/amplifier that will simplify design and improve the performance of small portable products. This could boost compass watches, personal Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, and wireless telephones.

The HMC6042 Magnetic Sensor Plus incorporates small sensors and signal processors that convert magnetic field strengths into a differential output voltage. According to Honeywell, the sensors and signal processors, designed for low-field magnetic sensing, offer extreme sensitivity and reliability.

Contained in a small (3.6 x 5 x 1mm) surface-mount leadless (SML) chip carrier package, the HMC6042 eliminates the need to assemble and integrate a variety of smaller, individual or discrete components to complete the analogue portion of such devices.

‘This latest addition to our magnetic sensor product line will make the design and production of a vast array of small, general use and precision product applications less costly to assemble, and more capable and efficient to use,’ said Mark Amundson, Applications Engineer for Honeywell’s Solid State Electronics Centre.

‘The HMC6042 is a 2-axis sensor specifically designed for the quick set/reset and fast power-on and power-off functionality requirements of small portable compassing, motion detection, pointing, and detection devices. It consumes less than a milliampere of current under typical operational conditions and its also compatible with additional sensors for use in 3-axis, tilt-compensating systems.’