Maximum Flexibility, Precision Electric Linear Actuators

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Danaher Motion has launched the Thomson EC and T series of precision electric linear actuators for the European market.

Danaher Motion Launches Maximum Flexibility, Precision Electric Linear Actuators

Danaher Motion has launched the Thomson EC and T series of precision electric linear actuators for the European market.

The new EC series incorporates simple operation with minimum maintenance and high durability and has the most extensive range of factory-engineered options available for linear actuators. The Danaher Motion T-series, designed for the most demanding applications, offers even greater performance and durability and its high-precision ball screws provide smooth, quiet operation and accurate positioning at all times, even under the harshest operating conditions.

The latest Danaher Motion models are particularly well suited to positioning loads needing space for pivoting and those that are externally guided or supported especially ones with extensive protrusion. Typical applications for precision electric lifting cylinders are valve control and the control of cylinders for reeling paper and textile webs as well as for loading and unloading products or packs in sequential production and processing. The new Danaher Motion components can also be used for moving or linear positioning of work pieces for drilling, welding, gluing, or thermo-forming.

There are four basic EC models which can handle maximum loads of 3,600, 7,200, 12,000, or 25,000N - with a maximum standard stroke of 1.5m achievable with the largest model. The new EC actuators move at speeds of up to 1.28 or 1.33m/s and can accelerate at up to 8 m/s2. All models have a repeat deviation of 0.013mm with backlash of 0.25mm for ball-screw versions and 0.4mm for acme-screw versions. These latest Danaher Motion precision electric linear actuators can run without interruption at temperatures of -30 to +70°C and meet the requirements of IP54 or IP65 protection. A number of accessories are available including magnetic position sensors, kits for different types of mounting and diverse extension-tube ends (inside thread, outside thread, clevis, spherical joint).

The two new T-series models offer maximum strokes of 1.5 or 2m and can handle loads of 20,000 or 40,000N with load torque of 150 or 300Nm. A speed of 2m/s can be achieved at up 8m/s2 acceleration. The T-series has a repeat accuracy of ± 0.05mm and backlash of either 0.18 or 0.21mm, and is suitable for continuous use at temperatures from -20 to +70°C. IP65 protection comes as standard.

Precision electric linear actuators, which are quieter and more accurate than hydraulic and pneumatic components, offer a number of other advantages. They are cleaner, simpler and more energy efficient as well as being easier to integrate with modern programmable controls. Additionally, they are suitable for use in areas of high airborne contamination because they do not incorporate the lesser-protected rodless drives used in traditional technologies.

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