MEMFast Launches Robust Low Cost Rivet Nut Hand Tool

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MEMFast (Make Ends Meet Limited) has launched its own Hand Tool for the installation of Rivet Nuts and Rivet Studs.

This unique, robust hand tool is specially designed for the smaller user and workshop and is able to install M3 to M10 Rivet Nuts and M4 to M8 Rivet Studs. Each size of fastener has its own “installation kit” comprising collar and screw and all fastener materials including Aluminium, Steel and Stainless Steel can be accommodated.

Supplied partly assembled in a clear plastic two part box measuring only 140mm x 50mm square, the tool can be fully assembled and installation kit attached in less than 30 seconds. When assembled, the tool (excluding installation kit) measures a maximum of only 130mm x 150mm.

The action of the tool is “spin/spin” and the user simply attaches the correct screw to the end of the spindle, inserts it into the barrel, tightens the plastic nut into the barrel, connects the outer collar and the tool is ready to use. If extra torque is needed over and above that offered by the knurled knob to install the Rivet Nut or Stud, there is a 10mm hex drive protruding from the knurled knob to which a standard open ended or ring spanner can be attached.

The main benefits of the tool can be summarised as :

• Robust engineering design and materials provide excellent performance and reliability.
• Compact design provides ease of access and use for even the most difficult of applications including small sheet metal workshops and marine/boat building industry.
• Ease of use by simply turning the knob until correct installation has been achieved.
• Optimum installation of Rivet Nuts and Studs can be achieved using the “spin/spin” action. No tool adjustment is needed for different material thicknesses and it is ideal for materials such as fibreglass and GRP.
• Low cost providing a very short payback period.

MEMFast stocks and sells a comprehensive range of Rivet Nuts and manufactures its own Rivet Studs. These products are complemented by other fastener products including :

• Rubber Nuts
• Screw Anchors
• Screws
• Turned Parts to customers’ drawings

MEMFast prides itself on its mix of excellent product quality, high service levels and very competitive prices as well as its technical advice and support.

For more information, please contact the company on :
Tel/Fax : 01386 556868
Email : Website :


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