Milton Keynes to get WiMAX

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Milton Keynes is to become the first town in the UK to boast a high-speed WiMAX wireless broadband network, using technology provided by Pipex and Intel.

According to Reuters, Pipex is due to announce the launch of its plans in around four weeks. WiMax would be rolled out across the city instages. US firm Airspan Networks, the company which is testing WiMAX for Pipex, is to provide the base stations for the Pipex-funded project.

Pipex has said it plans to roll out WiMAX in eight UK cities by 2008, led by networks in London and Manchester.

WiMAX is the radio frequency wireless metropolitan-area network standard, offering a longer range that WiFi of up to 50km.

Milton Keynes is a prime candidate as a WiMAX test bed as high-speed Internet access is limited due to the use of aluminium rather than copper telecoms cables.