MoD building work for Carillion

Carillion has been awarded seven contracts for construction work on Ministry of Defence sites under the Regional Prime Central contract held by CarillionEnterprise. Under these contracts, the company is providing support services worth £500m over seven years.

The contracts comprise a spend of £25m on infrastructure, £40m on support facilities, £15m on training facilities and £20m on airfield works.

The Regional Prime support services contract was awarded in November 2005 to a 50:50 joint venture between Carillion and Enterprise. It involves maintenance of the MoD’s built estate of around 8,500 buildings and other assets throughout the Midlands, North of England and Wales.

The additional construction work to be undertaken by Carillion will include projects in Yorkshire, Anglesey and the Midlands. Design work is being delivered by TPS, Carillion’s architecture and management consultancy business.