More trains for China

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Bombardier has signed a long-term agreement to supply additional high-speed trains and establish a rail equipment maintenance centre in China.


and the China Ministry of Railways (MOR) have signed a long-term agreement related to the purchase by MOR of additional high-speed electric trains from Bombardier and its joint venture Bombardier Sifang Power (


) Transportation (BSP).

The agreement also covers the creation of a maintenance centre dedicated to 200 km/h electric multiple unit trains. This centre, with a 250 train maintenance capacity, is to be established in Guangzhou in 2007.

Through this 20-year agreement, Bombardier will supply the design and equipment for the centre. The MOR will supply land and the building. Bombardier will also supply spare parts, maintenance management services, technical support and the training of personnel.

Bombardier currently participates in three joint ventures in China. The first, Changchun Bombardier Railway Vehicles (CBRC), is dedicated to the production of metro vehicles. The second, Bombardier Sifang Power (Qingdao) Transportation, manufactures intercity passenger coaches for the Chinese Ministry of Railways. The other joint venture, Bombardier – CPC Propulsion Systems (BCP) - is involved in the production, marketing and maintenance of propulsion components for rail vehicles.