NASA extends Lockheed support contract

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NASA has awarded a potential five-year, $448.86m contract extension to Lockheed Martin Space Operations for space shuttle and International Space Station mission operations support work.

The two-year extension, valued at $179m begins October 2006 and continues through September 2008. Three pre-priced, one-year options could continue the contract to September 2011, amounting to $449m for the full five-year extension.

Under the contract, Lockheed Martin and its subcontractors perform space operations and data services support work for space shuttle missions and International Space Station expeditions. They provide mission operations and planning ground systems for the Mission Control Centre at NASA's Johnson Space Centre, Houston, the Houston Support Room/Backup Command and Control Centre in Russia and an Integrated Planning System.

The contract’s extension ensures continued space operations services to NASA during critical International Space Station assembly work and while the agency transitions its efforts to support future exploration operations.